Charles and I don't have a babysitter with whom we can leave Edwin in the evenings, so we have started having lunch dates every so often when Eddie is at daycare. Last week we decided to check out a Japanese restaurant—one of our favourite types of food—here in Montreal. The restaurant was called Kazu. Now, I'm no food photographer, but everything was so delicious that I was inspired to take a few photos to share with you (please excuse the half eaten salad in the first shot!).

Here's what we had...

Ramen, Pork Cheeks, Homemade Kimchi Tofu Salad

Tuna and Salmon Salad Rice Bowl

 Homemade Black Tea Ice Cream

Oh boy, was it ever good! I highly recommend a visit to Kazu for lunch, the food was delicious and the menu varied and interesting, the service was excellent, and the portions generous. But, get there early as you'll likely have to wait for a table during the lunch rush. 

Happy Thursday!
xo Bess

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  1. I absolutely LOVE Kazu! That salmon bowl is my favourite, though the shrimp burger is crazy delicious too!


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