Last week we had a visit from Spanish photographers Melania and Manuel of Emesval Photography. They came by our place to take some shots of my work for a project with one of my retailers here in Montreal, Identi-T—and lucky us, they also took some candid shots of Edwin and me! Eddie happened to be home from daycare that day due to a cold, hence the runny noes, but it worked out well as he ended up modelling the Trucks Colouring Book. For a moment I thought about photoshopping out the stains on his shirt and snotty noes, but hey, this is real life.

We might be doing another little project together in the future, I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, you can see more of Melania and Manuel's work at emesval.com

x Bess


  1. Adorable Bess! Eddie is so grown up, and he seems cuter everyday, if that's even possible!!! Gorgeous shots, you will treasure those always!
    xox Celine

  2. Bess, so great to see you in front of the camera for a change! These are special moments captured.
    xo bert


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