I thought you might be interested in these two important videos I came across on the web this week, I think they are really worth sharing. The first, is an interview that aired on one of my favourite CBC Radio shows, Q, by Jian Ghomeshi, with the legendary musician Neil Young. It is a compelling and awakening interview on the state of the oilsands in Alberta, his role as an artist and activist, and how the current Canadian government is digging us into a hole so deep that we may never get out. Uplifting, eh? But seriously, it's a must see.

The second is something that has really struck a chord with me as of late. In the quest to "have it all" (I dislike that term, but it guess it's really what all of us working mamas are trying to do) I have been struggling to find the "balance" in both of my full-time jobs, mother to Edwin, and self-employed business person. I know this is a question that many working mothers come up against, it is something that I am constantly thinking about, especially in relation to the bigger question of whether or not to grow our family, but I didn't quite realize that it is indeed the majority of working moms who feel overwhelmed, and that this struggle doesn't end as your child gets older... Why did I think that Edwin would need less of me as he gets older?! In short, if you're looking to get some insight into The Motherload, I would recommend this documentary produced and directed by Cornelia Principe. It may not have a lot of answers, but it does a good job in bringing the problems to light.

Let me know what you think! I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Happy weekend :) 
xx Bess

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