Small Business, Small Steps: What's in a name?


Lately I've been playing around with some new names for my business. In the beginning, when my focus was to create a line of educational products to help children learn English, the name English Muffin seemed like a perfect fit. However, as my business has evolved and grown, it seems to be headed in a bit of a different direction. I'm no longer teaching English in Vienna, but working on expanding my line to nursery decor and clothing for babies and children. Also, now that we are living in Montreal, there's the whole French/English thing in Quebec to consider, and I wouldn't want to shoot myself in the foot because the word English is in the name of my company (and French is a much lovelier language anyway!).

So, to change the name of one's business? Good idea? Bad idea? And the bigger question, what to change it to?

In terms of operating a business, if you do it under your legal name it saves you the time and cost of registering it with the government. I was thinking if I operated under "Bess Callard Designs" then each of my lines could have it's own name. For example, the onesies could be called "X" and the prints and posters could be "Y" and so on and so on. Does this get too confusing though? And then I'll just have to think of that many more names... hum.

In other news, the onesies are coming along (slowly but surely). I'll have my updated T'do list on the blog by the end of the day.

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. how about méli-mélo? my favorite french word and also a really tasty snack!


  2. It's always difficult changing a name that you already have established but if you're going to do it the sooner the better.

    For some reason everyone gets the impression that my business 'Dyche Designs' is either home decorating or that I'm an architect. Wish now that I'd gone with Dyche Dechairo.

    Good luck with whatever name you decide on.

  3. I love the blog and am following! What if, when changing the name of your business, make it something like the one you already have? Like, I don't know, something that has to do with muffins?? Hm...just a thought.

    Come check out my blog! :o)


  4. I would not change your name. You're already established. English Muffin - doesn't make sense? Well, that's why it's easy to remind!
    We were thinking about establishing another brand for our dolls and preschool bags etc. This could make sense, because it's something totally different from our bookbinding shop. And there is the knits and crochets shop... We decided to stick with Nauli, because 3 names would be more expensive to register and more difficult to handle. Other than our products, your's match so well! So, don't worry!


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