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four. pinecone

I've featured the Toronto based shop bookhou on the blog before, a couple times actually. I'm so drawn to the work of designers Arounna Khounnoraj and John Booth, and love stopping by their store (albeit virtually) to check out what they've been working on.

My Picks:

Hello beautiful triangle tea towel, you will look so lovely in my new kitchen once the spending freeze has been lifted. I love these animal onesies, especially the moose, is there anything cuter than a baby wearing a moose onesie? Don't think so. The child's felt stools would make perfect little side tables, or night stands, or foot rests, while they wait for the time when my future little kids could actually use them as they were intended to be used. And finally, I love the simplicity of the illustrated pinecone, and the fact that it's letterpressed, so perfect.

Have a great Tuesday!

images via bookhou


  1. Once, I was holding a baby and I made a comment to say that she was really warm. Her sister said "Warm like a Moose!". If only I had known about the moose suit then (2 years ago).



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