Music Monday: Martha Wainwright


Last Sunday afternoon we grabbed some smoked meat sandwiches and headed over to have a little picnic in La Fontaine Park. On the ride there I decided to put on Edith Piaf's album La Vie en Rose in the car. The windows were rolled down, the warm summer air was blowing in our faces and we (ok, mostly just me) were singing (and conducting to) all our favourite Piaf songs.

My mom used to play Edith Piaf for us when my sister and I were kids, so I pretty much know all the words, and make up the ones I don't. I told Big Chuck that we should only play french musique in the car on the weekends, an ode to our new city. He disagreed, but that's not important, because this past weekend when we were on our way to Home Depot (for the 3rd time that week) we were listening to CBC Radio One and heard Martha Wainwright singing this enchanting, and heart wrenching song...

Martha Wainwright's tribute album to Edith Piaf, 'Sans Fusils, Ni Souliers, A Paris', was recorded live in New York and features 15 of Piaf's works, some classics and some lesser known.

I haven't downloaded the whole album yet, But if it sounds anything like her cover of "Une Enfant" I think it's going to be perfect Sunday afternoon musique.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. I love Martha's version, she did such a good job.... imagine she was pregnant too!
    I bought the album and there are many absolutely beautiful tracks.
    : )


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