Is this real life?

I didn't manage to get my T'do list on the blog yesterday afternoon, or do a regular Perfect Pairs post today because we got some troubling news from our vet yesterday. It seems our little dog, Tyke, has some issues with his liver :( We went for an ultrasound this morning and while it isn't cancer (giant phew!!) we're still not sure what's going. I'll have to head back to the vet this afternoon to have more blood drawn. Hopefully it's something that can be treated with a course of drugs because surgery or more costly tests are going to be hard pills to swallow. It's a difficult situation to be in for sure, when your animal is sick and you have to weigh the costs of treatments against the benefits to his health.


Currently he's feelin' good though. The doctor gave him a little something to take the edge off.

Hope you are having a chilled out Thursday,

ps. if you haven't seen the "is this real life?" kid, check him out.


  1. Bess, I'm so sorry to hear about your poor puppy. Sending some get better vibes your way :)

    On a more positive note, I knew EXACTLY what you were talking about with the thought bubble - that picture is sooo funny.

    I laughed so hard the first time I saw the "is this real life?" kid, in fact I laugh that hard every time I've seen it.

    Get better, Tyke!

  2. So sorry to hear about Tyke . . . hopefully it can all be resolved without having to have surgery. Hope he feels better soon.

  3. It is a difficult pill to swallow, but in the end a dog is part of the family whether or not people choose to accept that. A dog is a big responsibility and an even bigger responsibility when they are sick.

    On a side note, that picture is freakin hilarious and we couldn't stop laughing when you mom showed it to us. Then we all gathered round for an afternoon dose of "David Goes to the Dentist"...that kid is precious!

  4. Oh no! Get well soon, Tyke!

  5. I know that it sounds silly but you can always shop for vet services. Our dog is a money pit (but we lloooovvveeee him so much) and we realized that some clinics / hospitals in Montreal charge way more than other for the same kind of services.

  6. what an adorable little guy! One of my dogs has stomach issues. Luckily its manageable with some medicated food. I hope Tyke will have something just as easy to deal with. Just a little management :)


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