Happy weekend!


It's going to be a friendly kind of long weekend here. My best friend is in town with her man and I've persuaded them to stay Chez Bess et Big Chuck. This means that every moment they're not at the Osheaga festival I will have them all to myself (bwa ha ha ha!). Also, another great friend from high school will be visiting Montreal this weekend as well as Big Chuck's buddy from university!

Oh - and last night I had dinner with these ├╝ber talented and lovely ladies, Marie-Eve, Kate and Davina. What a hoot! (I know nobody says that anymore, but it really was.)

I hope you have a friendly weekend too,
x bess

image via Xanthe Berkeley

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  1. I am so jealous you all had dinner together! Where'd you end up at? Y'all are so near yet so far away.. Hope one day I get to meet all of you too. : ) Maybe your creativity will rub off on me..
    Have a great weekend with all your friends!


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