9 years ago today...

summer 2001
... I had my very first date, with this very cute boy.

We met for a drink at Gypsy Co-op and then went for a delicious Thai dinner on Queen Street in Toronto. I can remember so vividly my favourite things he said that night; how if he didn't find a suitable career, removing plastics bags from trees and ensuring restaurant tables weren't wobbly would be a very noble job indeed; how shopping in the off-season is when you can get the best bargains, and had I ever noticed that before?; and how we talked without stopping about our favourite books, our views on life, art, etc...

I can't believe it's been 9 years. It makes me a little teary to think about it all.

We have shared so many adventures Charlie Brown, and I hope it never ends...


(photo: Summer 2001 on Drag Lake, taken by Bess Callard)


  1. what a beautiful post and such kind words.

  2. This was an incredibly sweet post!!! Congrats to 9 years!! xo

  3. What a handsome boy...wow, 9 years eh? Paul and I are rounding 8 this year, but it doesn't matter anymore because now we have to celebrate our wedding anniv...which cancels out the 7 years prior...so yeah that goes out the window kinda.
    I can't wait too see the curly (his) blonde (yours)hair on your future children!
    That and your future grandchildren adopting the term "gram-ama".

    tee hee...Amer is gonna kill me.

  4. Congratulations! I loved the fixing wobbly tables idea! A noble and fulfilling pursuit indeed.

    SO amped to hang with you two in Montreal.

  5. awww, thanks everyone :) we just got home from a delicious mexican dinner. nothing like some sangria to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside ;)

  6. Aww, how sweet! Nine years isn't long if you're in love, right Bess?


  7. Wow, nine years, eh? I remember you smiling about him in the change room at STDT the day after your first date! Isn't love grand?


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