julius meinl

The Little Coffee Boy

This weekend, while strolling through the city, we decided to stop by Julius Meinl - Austria's prettiest supermarket (at least, in my opinion). I'm so happy I had my camera with me, because once I started shooting, it was hard to stop. The Little Coffee Boy in the photo above is the company's logo. He was originally designed in 1924 by Viennese artist Josef Binder to "combine Turkish Sultanate and Arabic traditions with those of the Baroque Angels of European architecture."


The store is full of products from all over Europe, all beautifully designed and I'm sure delicious. The pasta section is quite inspired. So many colours of pasta (green, pink, yellow), and so many shapes (hearts, flowers, fortune cookies), but these bags really jumped out at me. I love the combination of the yellow with the black text, and that typeface is so cute.


French Macarons in the frozen food section, I could get used to that!


Big Chuck's favourite section: Beers of the World.


Hot cocoa mix pyramid. Just waiting for some curious little hands...


Oh the baked goods... we have a love/hate thing going on. Did you notice the little Meinl logo etched into the glass?


Wild packaging.


The freshly made truffles have their own section, between the exotic teas and the fancy marzipan creations.


We couldn't resist the meat counter (I can't believe I was a vegetarian for 10 years!). We got some prosciutto di parma and some parmesan encrusted salami - yum.


So there you have it - a delicious way to spend a Saturday afternoon. If you're in Vienna, do yourself a favour and visit Julius Meinl in person.

Julius Meinl
Am Graben 19
1010 Vienna

Have a wonderful Monday :)

(all photos: Bess Callard)


  1. OKay so I started reading, then I saw the macaroons and I just quickly scrolled through so I could exclaim how much I love macarons!
    MY GOODNESS! De-lic-ious!
    Next time you come feel free to bring me some.


  2. These pictures are beautiful!!! OH my, I wish I was there!! xo

  3. OHHhhhh! NOW I know with certainty what "cruelty" looks like! I am much too far away to cope with such temptations! ;)

  4. great pics! Inspirational. Thanks

  5. great pictures bess! i'd love to go there! you're so lucky you get to visit any time ;)


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