Pure Green Magazine, Vol. 9

The latest issue of Pure Green Magazine, an eco-lifestyle publication I illustrate and design for, was themed Family Life. We opened our pages up to the little ones, the different types of families and definitions of family, and approached the issue with a feeling of fun and playfulness. 

In this issue, I had the opportunity to do something I've never done before, contribute an interview with a wonderful Mama and inspiring entrepreneur in the Netherlands, Joslyn Oppenheimer, of the online eco-boutique Shak-Shuka. Joslyn allowed me to translate her story into illustrations, and I had a fun time capturing the essence of her work and home life, and her adorable St. Bernard.

I was also charged with developing an illustrated piece geared to school-aged kids and sought out the help of one of my oldest and dearest friends, the warmest and most wonderful elementary school teacher I know, Courtney Pozzo, on teaching Scientific Inquiry. Courtney asked her grade 6/7 class to contribute to the writing and then crafted a piece worthy of a place right above every kids' homework desk. I know I'll be saving a copy for Eddie when he gets older.

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xo Bess

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