Day Trip: Museum Tinguely in Basel

On Saturday, we hopped on the train and headed just over the Swiss boarder to Basel. Our destination was the Museum Tinguely, to see the museum's collection of machine sculptures by artist Jean Tinguely. The interactive exhibit featured a huge machine made from all sorts of found objects, there were ladders built into the sculpture that allowed the spectator to climb up into it. There was also a big red button—just begging to be pressed—that started up all the wheels and gears on the giant machine sculpture. 

There were smaller machines as well, some drew pictures, some were locomotive, some elegant and simple, and some more complex and haunting. It was a great exhibit to see as a family, and after Edwin got over his apprehension of being so near these imposing, intricate machines, he really enjoyed it. 

We realized after our visit that that was the first time Edwin had been to a museum! We were telling him on the train that we going to the museum and the poor kid had no idea what we were talking about. At one point during our visit though he declared (as he was speed walking around the sculptures), "Look, I'm walking around all the machines I like the best!" I guess he's figured out how the looking at art thing works ;)

xo Bess


  1. So much fun! You look wonderful, and I can't believe how grown-up Eddie looks... :) xoxo

    1. Thank you Anile! I'm rethinking wearing that oversized knit sweater during pregnancy though ;) I swear I don't look 9 months pregnant in real life! xo


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