You know when you're super busy, and your husband is super busy, and your baby is turning into a tantrum-ing yet brilliant toddler, and your dog is getting on your last nerve, and then you look at the calendar and for the first time in a few weeks you actually, really, see the date—you see that it is 21 days into a month that you thought would be a slow one, a good one to use to prepare for the oncoming rush of the holiday season? Ya, that's what just happened to me.

So, needless to say that October has been a busy month on all fronts. But, it's a good kind of busy. I've had work from clients, and have been applying for the holiday shows here in Montreal as well as finalizing details for some new products that will be in the shop very soon. Charles is in the midst of job application season, applying for professor jobs is no joke. The amount of writing and thinking involved is quite astounding. He keeps at it though, and his applications are going all over the world, who knows where we'll end up! Edwin is wonderful. He is consistently the bright spot in our days. We're navigating around some tantrums here and there, but the flip side is watching his little mind grow and expand everyday. He can count to 10!! (proud mama!).

Despite our crazy schedules there's always time to step away from our desks and go out to enjoy one of Montreal's wonderful parks. This weekend we headed up the mountain to Parc du Mont Royal. The air was chilly, but we bundled up and enjoyed all the beauty that October has to offer.

xx Bess

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  1. I know, the year is almost over - I need a do-over :( But hey, 2014 is bright and shiny and just waiting for us to crack it open - right?! Haha :) Glad you were able to squeeze a little outing in-between all the madness! xox


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