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Last week I finally sat down to write my Curriculum Vitae. I was asked to submit one along with my application to souk@sat, a well-known holiday market here in Montréal, and *blush*, I didn't have one. I had never needed (read: taken the time to work on) a C.V. in my freelance illustration or graphic design life. I have one from my previous life as a dancer, but no document chronicling my work over the past 5 years as an illustrator and graphic designer.

The excuses were abundant: never enough time, other things are more important, I'll write one when I need one, etc... But honestly, I think deep down the real excuse was a much simpler one, I didn't think my C.V. would be any good. As a self-employed artist who spends so much time hustling to get things done it can be all too easy to loose sight of the big picture, of the path that extends before you as well as the one you have already walked. Sometimes it feels like every job I get is a stroke of pure luck, every press recognition a favour, every new opportunity a small extension on a career I'm haphazardly stringing together. 

Well, thankfully the time finally came for someone to request my C.V., and you know what—it doesn't suck. Sitting back and looking at some of my biggest accomplishments over the last 5 years made me feel really good, and beyond that gave me some perspective. I have worked hard, I have created opportunities for myself, I have done more than I thought I would, or could.  

So, do yourself a favour. If you don't have a Curriculum Vitae, or if it's very out of date, take a day and work on it. It's not easy working as an independent artist and our accomplishments are rarely celebrated in an office of one, but this is a project that will give you a well deserved pat on the back, and some perspective on just how far you've really come. 

xx Bess

PS. I guess I should tell you that my application to souk@sat was successful, and I'll be participating in the holiday show from November 27–December 1st!! More info to come.

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