Sunday au marché


The weather is starting to get cooler here in Montreal. We had a gorgeous weekend with lots of sunshine and a nice cool breeze. On Sunday, Big Chuck and I went to Jean Talon market to check out the end of summer harvest. There were plenty of deals to be had, especially on bushels of tomatoes, red peppers, and garlic.

We came home with fruits and veggies and lots of menu ideas. I made this delicious Lemon, Yoghurt, Blueberry/Blackberry cake with some blueberries I picked up and some left over blackberries we had in the freezer. It turned out really yummy! And coming later this week, a mixed fruit crisp. There's something about the cooler temperatures that inspire me to bake. I love spending Sunday afternoon listening to the CBC's phone in show, Cross Country Check-up with Rex Murphy and taking my time baking up something yummy in the kitchen. A pretty perfect end to the weekend if you ask me.

Happy Monday!
xo Bess

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