Getting to know you

This past Tuesday Big Chuck and I got to know our little beast a little better. We had our very first ultrasound and got to see the tiny feet, arms, hands, stomach, brain, heart, and face of our baby. For those of you who have been in that same position, you know the one - craning your neck to see the screen, hoping not to miss a moment or a movement, and clenching every muscle in your body so you don't accidentally pee on the ultrasound bed, you know how magical the experience is. As newbie parents we were probably way too chatty, asking about everything we were seeing while the ultrasound technician was trying to train an intern (oops), and of course doing it in our very best broken French.

The best part of the whole appointment was hearing that everything looks normal. Thank goodness! What a huge relief it was to find out that not only I am not just full of doughnuts and pineapple chicken, but there really is a baby in there, and that our little guy/gal is doing just great.

We left the ultrasound appointment with four photos, but this is the most "human" looking one. I think the baby has my nose ;)


Have a great weekend!
xo Bess

ps. We don't know the sex of the baby - at least, not yet ;)


  1. yay!!!! what a lucky baby - congrats to the new parents! life will be changed forever - for the better :)
    love from the Shak-Shuka fam

  2. They didn't speak English to you? Oh, I wanted to ask you if Dr. Kowalski can speak English (probably...I hope). Also, do you need a baby bath (Alice is way too big for that). It is in perfect condition. Anyway, let me know. xox

  3. This post gave me goosebumps! I'm glad all is well!

  4. sooooo cute Bess! thank you for sharing, I love seeing u/s pics!!! cute, cute, cute!

  5. Cute! Congratulations to you two!!

  6. awe congrats! i've been going through the same thing! i still can't believe there is a baby in me! crazy!

  7. A huge CONGRATULATIONS to you and the Mister, Bess! And, while I appreciate the thought, just remember... "Uncle Beefy" is a hard name for a baby to pull off. Just sayin'. ;)


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