Winter Wonderland


Big Chuck and I went home to Toronto on the weekend to attend my sister-in-law's baby shower! It is a pretty exciting time in our family as we prepare to welcome the very first of the next generation on BC's side of the family. I was helping out with baby shower hosting duties and think it turned out pretty great. The mama-to-be is looking beautiful and I even got a chance to take some really lovely pregnancy photos of her at home.

The best part of the shower (besides the delicious food)? Skating at Toronto City Hall!



It was freezing, let's not kid ourselves, but it was also so much fun!

The weekend reminded me how happy I am to be back in Canada. When friends and family time was all done we just hopped in the car and drove back to snowy Montreal, instead of boarding a plane bound for Europe. Hurray!

Hope you're having a great Wednesday,
xo bess


  1. Great pictures! Don't you just love this time of year in Canada!!

  2. ahh! I am going home to Toronto right after my semester finishes in Montreal. This is a must visit for me!!

  3. gorgeous photos! sounds like a wonderful weekend.


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