Small Business, Small Steps: Sold Out!


Well, it's official. I am sold out of the English version of my 2011 Calendar! I still have a few French ones left but I have a feeling that those will be all gone by the end of the holidays too. I sat on the fence for a few hours, wondering if I should order another batch from the printer, order more cello sleeves and more mailers too - surely it's too soon to hang up my hat and call the 2011 Calendar season over. Isn't it? But, the prospect of being left with calendars after the holiday rush was over, and the good old "quit while you're ahead" saying helped to make me feel secure in my decision to announce that yes, I am officially sold out of English 2011 Calendars. It feels good to say that. I've more than doubled what I sold last year, and probably could have sold more if I'd had more to sell.

french calendar

If you're looking to get your hands on the French 2011 Calendar, "compter dans la cuisine", I would encourage you to do so sooner rather than later. I love the French version almost more than the English one, and you get the added bonus of impressing your friends with your bilingualism ;)

There is no way I could have had so much success this year if it weren't for all the wonderful people out there buying, blogging, tweeting, and spreading the word about my work. In the few short months that I've been in business here in Canada things have really taken off. And I'm soooo grateful! Thank you.

Have a wonderful Thursday!
xo bess

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  1. That's such great news, Bess! I'm so happy for you! What a great way to end the year!

    Whenever I run out of fabric, I tend to panic and search for more to reorder, but the holiday rush has been so crazy, that the other day I simply declared one item "sold out". And it felt surprisingly great! There's something about the words "sold out" that translates to success.

    All the best in 2011!


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