Rain Day


Some days I just don't have anything particularly interesting to say, you know? It's a funny pressure I put on myself to get something up on the blog everyday, I mean really - are you going to care if I miss a post every now and then? I hope not.

It's raining here, which for me means another day I can't take photos of my 2011 Calendar, the one that's siting in its pretty package waiting for its glamour shots. Well, not today little calendar, not today. But soon.

Have a great Tuesday :)
xo bess


  1. It's a rainy day in Toronto too! Have a good one. I'm still to finish my calendar so you're ahead of me. ;)

  2. I could have used some cute boots like that today - raining out west too! Looking forward to seeing the calendar when it's ready to come out and play :)

    p.s. I'm glad you enjoyed my schnitzel post, it WAS sehr, sehr gut :D

  3. @ Adele: trust me, you're way ahead of me in more important things ;)

    @ Christine: I bought my boots when I went to visit my family in Finland, they were all shocked when I went to put on my runners on a rainy day and were all "don't you have rubber boots?" me, "no." them "what do you wear in the rain?" me, "hummm, good point." Those Fins, a stylish and sensible bunch!

  4. I feel your pain! I sometimes have.nothing.interesting.to.say.... so I pass. :)

    Then, once I get feeling inspired again... I blog, blog, blog until I have worn out my welcome. :)


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