Pizza and a deadly catch


Fall is here, and that means so are pizza + TV Saturday nights chez Bess & Big Chuck. This weekend was the official kick-off marked by our very first pizza in our new apartment in our new city, and it was delicious! How did we last all summer without Big Chuck's pizza? I don't know.

Since we don't own a television, we have to get crafty to fulfill the TV portion of the evening. I signed up for Netflix.ca and they give you your first month free - which is good because I'm not so impressed with the selection of movies and shows thus far. We did however manage to find a program that was just the right amount of drama and trashiness to satisfy both our palettes, have you heard of Deadliest Catch? Of course you have, only kids like us who have been away from North America for the past three years haven't, and it makes it all that much sweeter when we discover these little gems now. (I haven't watched the Snooki show though, not sure I can go there - yet.)

Have a great rest of your weekend!
xo Bess


  1. sounds very much like our saturday night. though our pizza didn't look quite as delicious. happy sunday!

  2. Sounds like a lovely night. And you gotta watch Jersey Shore. We all need a bit of trash TV once in a while.

  3. that pizza looks absolutely delicious! I didn't realize that netflix was available in Canada (please don't tell me that is has been forever, where have I been?!) for some reason I thought it was only in the States!

  4. your saturdays sounds like our fridays and your pizza looks really delicious!

  5. Yeah don't go there. I love deadliest catch, but someone died last season and it was sad as hell!

  6. Oh! A fellow "non TV" person! Here I thought we were the only ones. It can get tricky coming up with things to fill what would normally be "TV time", but we manage. As you well know, here in Austria having a TV is fraught with having to pay the dreaded TV tax, and that doesn't work for me.
    Pretty sure I'd go bonkers without the internet though. Can't imagine how I did it the first time I came to Europe as a student in the seventies?
    Pizza looks great btw.
    Congratulations to you and Chuck.
    Greeting from Wienerland.



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