I'm back!

My sister watching the fireworks outside our kitchen window in Montreal.


I know I've been gone for a while but trust me, big things have been happening!

No. 1 - We're in Montreal!
Big Chuck, Tyke and I arrived safe and (somewhat) sound on July 2nd with a truck load full of stuff (expertly packed by Big Chuck and my sister's boyfriend PB). The trip from Toronto to Fenelon Falls to Montreal was pretty well uneventful, no cargo lost on the highway, no break downs for our new/old car on her maiden voyage from T.O. to Mtl., no one complained that it was too hot or too long or too boring. Everything was going just swimmingly until we hit the Autoroute 720 into Montreal and Big Chuck and PB went one way through the tunnel while my sister and I in the cargo van went another. Lost in our brand new city at night it didn't take long for panic to set in. The gas tank was on empty, the iPhone gps kept leading us back to an onramp that was closed due to construction (something not uncommon during the summer in Montreal) and the world seemed to suddenly be made up of one way streets. I'm not going to lie, I though we might die there, poorly parked on the side of the road with my directionally challenged sister, a crying dog and me.

Luckily everyone put on their thinking caps and thanks to that handy iPhone, we made it out alive and onto our fabulous new apartment.

No. 2 - We're getting married!
Big Chuck and I have decided not to wait any longer, and tie the knot on Labour day long weekend :) That means in a month and a half we'll be heading down to city hall in Toronto to say I do, followed by a reception with some of our favourite people at a friend's cafe.

So far I've got my dress (50% percent off - thank you summer sales) and the invitations have been sent out (we did them via email and they looked great). My stress level is good and I'm so happy that we decided to do something more low key. I'm approaching the whole thing like it's just a big party, it's also been a big help that the cafe we're having the reception at is owned by a friend, and a more laid back chilled out guy you could not meet - thanks Rob!

I'll keep you posted as fun wedding things come up.

No. 3 - Big Chuck is Dr. Big Chuck!
That's right, the guy we all know and love is now a doctor. Which, once we're married, will make me the good doctor's wife. (I would not mind if you referred to me that way)

No. 4 - English Muffin's growing!
You may remember I told you a while back then once in Montreal I'd try to make a real go of English Muffin as a full time job. Well the wheels have been turning and I see a bright future for my little company. There are some new projects I'm hoping to launch in the coming months as well as the possibility of a sister company to English Muffin to explore some other areas of design I'm interested in. Of course, keeping an eye on the blog is a great way to hear about the latest developments, but you can also follow me on Twitter to make sure you're always in the loop.

So that's a pretty good overview of what I've been up to for the past few weeks. I've definitely missed blogging and I'm really happy that we've been reunited :)

See you tomorrow!
Happy Monday,


  1. Welcome back! Sounds like you have a lot going on lady. Can't wait to see more developments. Hopefully you'll be in Montreal in September when I'm there. There's a chance we'll be there over the Labor Day weekend, but of course, you're forgiven as I guess a wedding it more important. Hehe. ;)

  2. Sounds like you've been real busy! Welcome back!

  3. Hooray!! Congrats on the upcoming wedding! We also went the route of civil ceremony at the Mtl Botanical Gardens and then had the entire Café des Beaux Arts to ourselves afterwards. Well, not just us but with all our friends too. hehe. Excited for you!
    I couldn't stop laughing at the 'lost' part of your blog here. That was hilarious (and is so me)! So glad to see you're alive, you're well and you're here. Btw, your view is almost the same as my mom's.

  4. wow, excitement all around! can't wait to hear more about your new place and your upcoming wedding. i love love love laid back weddings and yours sounds just perfect! -trisha

  5. Welcome back!! Sounds like you've got one exciting summer ahead of you!!

  6. Heyyy! Glad to see you're back. Missed your blog posts! How are you enjoying Montreal? That's so exciting that you think you'll work on your business full time!

    Let me know if you want to meet up sometime!
    xo Caroline

  7. wow congratulations all around!!! What an amazing time for you : )

  8. wow, so many good news...wonderful :)
    and yes, there is always (ALWAYS) construction in the summer in Montreal....EVERY summer (and spring and fall also)!!!

  9. I am so happy for you :) Doctor's wife!
    I'm actually moving to Montreal myself!
    major congrats to you and i hope that the stress level stays low :)

  10. Wow, something happened in your off-time... Hope everything will be just like you both want it. A small wedding with a big party is always the best. Congrats for the Doctor on your side :)

  11. Congratulations on all the big news! There is a brand new green roof at new city hall, might be a nice little place to take a few photos! We've been toying with the idea of heading over to city hall as well - curious about what cafe you'll be celebrating at!


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