Canadiana: Erratum


For my first official Canadiana Tuesday post from Montreal I thought it only fitting to feature the work of Québécois design team Frederic Galliot and Vincent Hauspy. Together the two industrial designers make up Erratum, an innovative brand under which they showcase their elegantly simple and utilitarian designs at shows like SIDIM, Montreal's International Interior Design Show.

My Picks:
Big Chuck and I were looking for legs similar to the BAMBI ones last night, they would be so perfect for our kitchen table project (more on that later). The PFFFIT bottle opener is one I would always leave on the counter, no hiding that one in a drawer somewhere. I need a black board in our new place, and the TODO would be just perfect, I also love the product photography - "I will not drink anymore tequila". And finally, how cute is the snowshoe logo? Very, I'd say.

Have a great Tuesday!

images: Erratum


  1. love the bambi legs! do they sell online anywhere? would love to get my hands on that bottle opener =)

  2. I know I was looking for them too! I unfortunately couldn't find anywhere to buy them :( I'll let you know if I find anything.

  3. Hi there !

    Thanks for the kind words on our work.

    We did limited series of most of our items and some of our products like PFFFIT and FOLK are still available in stores such as Jamais Assez (5155 St-Laurent) or at Les Touilleurs on Laurier. We are considering starting to work with preorders for newer items such as TODO and BAMBI. If you want to get your hands on a set, just let us know, and spread the word ! We also do custom versions and commissionned work.

    You can contact us directly on our website if you have any further questions. Cheers !


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