Welcome home, sorta.


I'm having a moment.

A moment of frustration and anger.

I tried to wait until it passed to do today's blog post but, dear friends, I don't think it's going to. I don't want to bore you with the details, about how it looks like (thanks to provinces who don't talk to each other) I'm going to be without health insurance for the next SIX months - in CANADA, as a CANADIAN citizen. Good, well done. Or how the car I purchased is now sitting at the mechanics waiting to get certified except the tow-truck driver who towed it there seems to have misplaced the KEY. Awesome, thank you. Or how Big Chuck is suddenly MIA in Berlin while I need to get in touch with him to make important financial decisions. Excellent, really.

Oh well, shit happens.
I wish you all a happy weekend,

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  1. Oh no! I thought you had free public health care there? The rest of it sucks too. Poor you. Hope it improves and you eat a nice cupcake.

  2. Hang in there. Remember positive thinking...

  3. Wow, you said shit. LOl...sorry, but when I met you for brunch I tried really hard not to swear, and there you are saying shit...oh wow.
    This car sounds like the biggest effin run around ever, seriously EVER! I don't understand the health insurance thing too....atleast you can still get X-rays and casts if you need them. It's funny how Canada has "free public health care"...but that doesn't involve perscriptions...does it?

  4. @ uglygirl: oh, a cupcake sounds good right about now ;) Free public health care unless you've been out of the country for longer than 2 years, and then you have to wait three months before you've established residency. And because I'm going from Ontario to Quebec I have to wait in each province, stupid, I know.

    @ Noodles and Waffles: thanks :) trying to think happy thoughts.

    @ Linda : oh, you. please don't curb your swearing on my account. I was swearing up a storm last night at dinner with my bf. Frustration brings out the potty mouth in me.

  5. I think you mean BFF? Unless you have another boyfriend here...hey, who am I to judge.
    In that case ^%&(*(*($(#@#^!*&$^#%@**$^$.


    I'm a bag of frustration pretty much all the time- enter; injured husband, ridiculous schedual, no food in apartment, too hot apartment, oh ya and now.. NO HOT WATER!!!!!! bahhhhhhhhhhhh!

  6. That sucks big time! I can understand the swearing, hope it makes you feel better, I know it does that for me. heh heh.

  7. Oh Bess, I'm so sorry to hear all that! I know you were so excited to move, and looking forward to all fun things. I hope you hear from Big Chuck, and all the snarls get smoother soon.

    I recommend a slice of cheesecake and a very very tall glass of champagne. Life sucks? Celebrate anyways- then at least you're buzzed and have cheesecake instead of stressed out and upset with no cheesecake.

  8. hoping a great week for u upcoming. lots of little nice things to make up for the uncertain ones

  9. Perhaps a long walk to remind you of the good things in your new-old country with ice cream and cookies at the end? Hang in there...hope you have heard from Big Chuck.


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