Music Monday: Seu Jorge

ROSS ELLIS 12" jacket

I've been craving The Life Aquatic lately. I love that movie; the actors, the sets, the story and of course the music. I first heard of Seu Jorge via The Life Aquatic and have loved listening to his minimal and enchanting music ever since. Seu Jorge and Almaz are releasing their self-titled album later this Summer, but in the meantime I've downloaded their single, Everybody Loves the Sunshine.

Thanks so much for your encouraging words on Friday :) You'll be happy to know that I did finally get in touch with Big Chuck, and he's great. Lola (that's what I've named our new car) has a key, and although I still don't have health insurance I've vowed to live an extremely careful life until it kicks in. I also hope that in my frustration I didn't offend any of you with my profane language (I said sh*t). If I did, please forgive me, and I promise never to swear on my blog again (mom).

Have a happy Monday, and enjoy the sunshine!
xx Bess


  1. LMAO! Did Amer give you S%it? because she says it ALL.THE.TIME.

  2. I know! I couldn't believe she was scolding me. She taught me that word at age 6 ;)

  3. Just found your blog and had to pop in and say hello! Love Seu Jorge and the whole Life Aquatic soundtrack. Can't wait to check out the new album.

    Thanks for sharing!


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