Montreal, Week 1


It's been 1 week since I arrived in Montreal and think all in all it's been a good one. It was really nice to have my sister and her boyfriend here for the first couple days. It's always best to break in a new transit system with friends!

The apartment hunt, although a little rough at times is going well. I think we're pretty close to getting a place - although I don't want to jinx it so that's all I'll say.

Montreal has been music to my ears. Ever day a little more German gets replaced by French (yipee!). Although, I have been accidentally combining the two languages - not good, people look at me like I'm crazy! While I'm here on a specific mission, it's also been a nice mini-vacation. I've been getting to know my new city and am really excited to explore even more once Big Chuck and Tyke arrive. I'm saving all the good bits for them.

I haven't been taking many photos with my "real" camera. I find the iPhone just so much handier, although the quality of the pictures isn't the greatest, but they do have a certain charm about them, non?!


Have a great weekend :)
x Bess


  1. I never thought I would ever read "my iphone" on your blog...sigh, Iphone.

  2. I love your blog posts Bess. Welcome back to Canada! -- I was at STDT in 1st year when you graduated I think.

  3. Loved living in MTL! Enjoy- can't wait to read all your posts!

  4. I am headed here in June!!!! These photos are making me so excited. xo

  5. @ Linda, I know eh?! We thank my sister and mom for that one. Big Chuck is thoroughly unimpressed ;)

    @Meryem, thanks for stopping by! Yay for School of TDT-ers ;)

    @Johanna, thanks :) I'm super excited to get the rest of my family here (fiancé and dog).

    @Caroline, oh no, I would have said let's do coffee, but I'm back in Ontario for June. You should check out Lake Jane's Montreal Design Guide on Design*Sponge: http://www.designspongeonline.com/2009/04/montreal-design-guide.html
    So many great things to see and do!


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