Small Business, Small Steps: How to make it in America

How to Make It in America

Last night, Big Chuck and I were watching our favourite new show, HBO's How to Make It in America, and at the end of the episode he said, "I really like this show, it's all about the small victories." He was right, How to Make It in America is exactly what it claims to be, a show about two young guys living in New York who set out to start a denim line, and essentially, try to make it in America. What's great about this show is how realistic it is. They're broke, they're hustling and they're trying to make it anyway they can. So, when every step forward is greeted with three steps back and opportunities come packaged with even bigger challenges, the honesty of their struggle really comes through, and their small victories are that much sweeter.

How to Make It in America

Why am I writing about a TV show for today's Small Business, Small Steps post, you ask? Because you know what else is all about the small victories? Our small businesses. I wanted to use today's post to remind us that the small victories are the best ones. You can't break too long to celebrate them because they are often just another part of a hectic day, but you should take a little time to give yourself a mini pat on the back, say a little "Hey, look what I did!", or get a high-five from your four-legged office mate. I really do believe that life is so much more about the journey than the destination. So enjoy your small victories along the way, you deserve them!

Any small victories you'd like to share, business or otherwise?

Have a great Wednesday!

ps. If you haven't seen How to Make It in America you can watch the first episode online here if you live in the US.

(photo credit: HBO)


  1. sounds interesting, and I do need that extra inspiration :)

  2. I celebrated my small victory today: FINALLY got over 100 hearts for my shop!!! yayy! LOL ...I had a small piece of chocolate cake to celebrate and I didn't give any to Steve (the cat).

  3. I'm LOVING this show too! The opening credits alone are inspirational. And just like you said, it always makes me feel better about all the little setbacks that can really start to get you down. Some days/weeks I'm pleaded for things to just go smoothly for once! Meh.

    On the up side.... I opened my etsy shop this weekend!! www.etsy.com/shop/dearedna . I didn't have any chocolate cake around, unfortunately, but I did toast my bf with a glass of wine.

  4. I haven't ever seen the show and really heard about it until reading this post of yours; but I must say anything that can inspire small businesses today to strive and work towards their goals would be without a doubt considered a instant hit!

  5. @ines: you should check it out, it's a really great show.

    @XquisitebyLadyM: Yay, congrats! And good idea not sharing chocolate cake with the kitty ;)

    @Erin: We love the opening credits too! The song is by Aloe Blacc who I featured on Music Monday a couple weeks ago - soooo good! Congrats on the new shop, just checked it out - looks great :)

    @O'Baby Fashions: I don't think may people have heard of it, that's why I thought it might make a good post. It's just in it's first season, only 6 episodes so far. I really enjoying it and really hope it lasts.

  6. man i've really really been wanting to see this:) you totally just solidified the deal for me!

  7. What a wonderful post!
    I just received an email saying 4 of 7 illustrations I'm creating for a book have been approved by the artists. Only 3 to go!!

  8. As always, your small business posts help me figure out and clarify my own next steps. My small victory this week? I had more than 250 people come through my shop in one day! My next goal is to break 300- and I'm all fired up to do it within the next month, so thank you.

  9. Darn, i wish i had HBO to watch this.

    But I think you are so right on with this post. It's definitely the small victories that lead to the big victories, and the journey rather than the destination. And in the case of small business development, there really is no destination.

    Every free time I have I try to put that towards my projects, and whenever I get over a small hurdle, it really is a big accomplishment. And the part you mentioned about giving your 4-legged partner a high-5 is definitely something that hits home for me. Sometimes it feels like you're all alone just chucking away, and when something awesome happens, you don't necessarily have a friend there to celebrate with, so your pet really is the most loyal fan you've got.

    No small victory stories from me, just wanted to say I love your posts!

  10. LOVE this show bess. reason number 8763 why we're blog soulmates. xo kate

  11. the show sounds interesting. But I don't know if I can afford to be addicted to another TV show :)



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