Pretty Pairs

1. fork and spoon 2. Vintage Movie Marquee Letter


Other pairs I'm enjoying this week...

peanut butter + strawberry jam
warm spring air + evening walks

Have a lovely Thursday!


  1. what a lovely idea! and what a happy find! i have a white black red blog so i'd like to use the top one and highlight it back to you!

  2. your first pairing goes so well with your banner it should be a trio!

  3. I'm so going to do my own fork and spoon print for my kitchen when my house is done. It reminds me of Everybody Love Raymond.

  4. @ we3 collective: super, thanks!

    @ Missus D: you're right, I hadn't even noticed that!!

    @ Linda: Isnt' it great?! So simple and bold. I don't really get the Everybody Loves Raymond connection, though... ;)

  5. Well, on everybody loves raymond, raymonds italian mother gets a big fork and spoon for her wedding when she is younger. She had asked her husband frank to return them when they got them. He never did, so to retaliate she hung them on the wall so that he has to look at them all the time and remember that he didn't do what she asked. At the time Raymond and his wife were fighting over who would put the luggage away that raymond left on the stairs. Raymond's wife put cheese in the suitcase to make the place stink so that he would have to move it.
    In the end Raymond's mother said to Raymonds wife "Deborah, don't let a suitcase full of cheese be your big fork and spoon". It was a hilarious show and hilarious episode. You should youtube it.

  6. @linda that is so funny!! brought a smile to my face!

  7. @ Linda: you're funny and so is that episode. will definitely youtube it :)

  8. Oh Bess,
    I finally got down to writing down my manifesto.
    Thought I'd share it with you.


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