Vancouver (and surrounding area) 2010

Vancouver 2010

1. Vintage Typewriter Key Pendant - Gwen Delicious
2. Solid Oak Leaf Necklace - Beazuness
3. Denim Skirt - Trapper Jane
4. Alice and the Rabbit, the later years - Living Feral
5. Barnwood Frame - Paradise Hill Designs
6. Small Feather Earrings - Mountain Man Creations

In honour of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Vancouver, I thought I would dedicate this Canadiana Tuesday to some artists from Vancouver and it's surrounding area. I found so many great designers and crafters on Etsy from the majestic province of British Columbia. I really like how all the selections above have a rustic/rough-around-the-edges appeal. They do a great job of summing up that certain Canadian je ne sais quoi.

This weekend while strolling through our neighbourhood, Big Chuck asked me what my favourite Winter Olympic sport was to watch, "why, figure skating!" I declared, he's more of a giant slalom kind of guy. What about you, what Olympic Winter sport tickles your fancy? Have you got your stop watch ready? Will you be judging the athletes from your couch at home?

Have a great Tuesday,


  1. Hi Bess! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and I am so glad you like the header Linda design for me... she is so sweet! Also, thank you so much for letting me know where my inspirational photo came from; I will def go check out her blog. :)

    Btw I love your blog- you have some very lovely designs!


  2. Hey it's Amy...

    I have a confession to make....I am psyched about the hockey...woman's mostly, but honestly...I love all the olypic sports. If a Canadian wins I always cry.
    I cried when the curling team one...YES! I watched curling and I actually didn't fall asleep. Last winter olympics was during reading week in university and I just so happened to have a really bad case of the flu so I was forced to the couch and watched the shiz out of the olympics. I am such a proud Canadian, it's sick.

  3. I will be watching the free style skiing. Makes me think that I could almost do it myself!

  4. That leaf necklace is stunning. Oh but the typewriter key necklace, I can never look at one of these without thinking of the carnage of an old typewriter being taken apart, I think I would need a disclaimer similar to "no animals were harmed in the making...) something like "the typewriter used to create this necklace was already in a horrible condition beyond repair...)

  5. Who took your new head shot, Tyke?

  6. Thank you so very much for including my Vintage Typewriter Key Necklace - I can also rest assure you readers that all of my keys are from typewriters that were heading off to be recycled as they are not in any condition to be repaired....the ones that are not - well they decorate my studio!!!

    Thanks again

  7. @gwendelicious: lol ;) good to know about the typewriters. thanks for stopping by, I love those necklaces :)


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