Music Monday : José James


I guess I've been in the mood lately to add a little more structure to the blog. Before the weekend I told you I'd like to get my small business column, small business, small steps, going as a regular Friday feature. Today, I'd like to add another one, Music Mondays. I know the title is a wee bit unoriginal (and not as delicious as the now defunct Muffin Mondays) but I can promise that the content will be tasty to the ears and hopefully new and exciting to you too.

Big Chuck, my fiancé, chef and resident music aficionado, sent me a link to José James' website on Friday. I spent the weekend listening to his new album Blackmagic (the title track is one of our faves). Here are a few words on James from my music man himself, "One could describe José James as a male version of Erykah Badu. His tracks are based around solid grooves and he artfully blends elements of hip hop, soul, jazz and funk." (ditto). I think it's a perfect album for a romantic Valentine's Day too.

Have a musical Monday!


  1. Cute blog Bess! I'll have to check out your Etsy shop...do you do anything wedding-ish?

  2. BESS! i can't tell you how much i love this. as soon as you said male version of erykah badu i was in. IN. i downloaded the album ;) THANKS xo kate

  3. I, as well, downloaded the album from Itunes, since I blindly trust your taste. Mom

  4. i've heard him before. i'm looking for a little valentine's music actually, so i might just check him out. thanks for sharing!


  5. Surprise! You are the winner of the Sunshine Award! Congratulations! Enjoy and share!

  6. Yay, I'm so glad you guys like Mr. James. I told Big Chuck to keep his ears open for next Monday's recommendation.


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