S.O.S. H2O

Humidifier Factory via SwissMiss

Every Winter morning I wake up feeling the same way, like my long and restful slumber had taken place not in my warm little bed, but out in the middle of the desert, baking under a hot sun. Okay, small exaggeration perhaps, but still...

Winter and dry skin, nails and hair go together like Summer and ice cream. I moisturize and drink tons of water but to no avail, the big electric heater in our flat manages to win every time. We should really have a humidifier, I know, and now that I have found these modern and design friendly ones, perhaps we will!

1. Blomus Humydo Humidifier
2. The Zen Humidifier
3. Plus minus zero Humidifier

Have a great Wednesday,


  1. I have a little humidifier that my sister passed down to me. It definatly helps a little.

  2. i love the white one at the top of your post bess! it's so nice when something is functional and pretty.

  3. i think it's so funny how it looks like a dirty factory, but really it's making clean and healthy water vapor. so clever!


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