FELT studio

images: FELT studio

These gorgeous felt installations were designed by FELT studio, a laboratory that explores the material and culture of modern industrial felt. The studio, led by Kathryn Walter, is located in Toronto and they work with an international roster of clients. Above are some examples of FELT studio's work for the Gladstone Hotel, Charles Street Video, and Hotel One respectively.

My Felt Pocket

This is my own felt creation. I had a project on the Bauhaus in my first year of design school, and made this little felt pocket to hold a series of information cards. It was tricky to find high quality felt available to purchase retail, so my mom and I went to a felt distributor/wholesaler and pretended we were looking to get a prototype made of some product we had created. We ended up with this lovely little piece grey felt and two little white disks. Not bad, eh?!

Have a great Tuesday,


  1. love it! muffles the sounds as well!

  2. i would love felt in my room. throw in that cute little project of yours and then i'm good. haha


  3. very very cool. i wouldn't be able to stop running my fingers over it!


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