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Hi everyone!

I am so excited that there are so many new faces around here. Thanks so much for stopping by (and coming back)! Just a quick note for those of you who may not know, I'm Canadian (cringe, that sounds vaguely familiar to a beer commercial of days gone by). So, to pay tribute to the wonderful artists who come out of our little/big land, I devote each Tuesday to a new Canadian artist whose work I love. If you would like to see past artists and designers who have been featured, you can click on the "Canadiana" link under categories in the sidebar to the right. Also, if you know of anyone whose work you think I'd like please send me an email (bess [at] englishmuffinshop [dot] com), I'm always looking for awesome new Canadians ;)

Without further ado today's Canadiana Tuesday artist is downhomeamy

1... lunch bag (small)
2... lunch bag (small) close-up
3... lunch bag
4... snack pouch (small)

I love Amy's lunch bags, especially because of the adorable pocket for my napkin and cutlery! I found downhomeamy (great shop name) on Etsy where she sells aprons, napkins, tea towels, cards and more. Amy designs, illustrates, prints and sews original, handmade items for the home from her studio on the east-side of Vancouver.

To visit her website click here, or to go directly to her Etsy shop, click here.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. No the commercial went "I Am Canadian" not I'm Canadian..no worries, no one will link you to Molson.

  2. one day I will get the cute little snack pouch...sssoooo adorable!


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