le weekend + emersonmade

I spent this weekend working on my best-friend's wedding website and save the dates. Originally I hadn't intended on creating a website along with the stationary, but after looking through the pre-made sites online and not finding anything customizable enough, I decided to offer up my web-design services. Now, I must be honest here, I have only made a few websites in my short web-designer life, so this was the perfect opportunity to dive in and learn how to properly code a site. I've got to say - it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I kept the design simple and focused on making it clean and clear and user-friendly. I'll have to ask her if she'd mind if I share it with you... hmmm?!

Being in wedding mode all weekend has got me thinking about my own wedding again... oh ya, remember that?! I think Big Chuck and I have come to a consensus that we are going to wait until the Summer of 2011. I know, it feels so far away - but now I have oodles of time to plan (and save for) the perfect event. Starting with the gorgeous handmade flowers from Emersonmade. They are so perfect. I think I might have to start with these flowers and design my entire wedding around them!

These would of course be for me...


And these for my mister...


And wouldn't these purses make perfect gifts for all my girlfriends?!


Hope you had a great weekend,

(photos: Emersonmade)


  1. It may seem far away, but it will be here before you know it. Make sure to do the dress shopping experience...it's kind of magical...I did think it would be but it is something you have to experience for sure, even if you don't buy one. I had mine made and it took all the guess work out of it.

  2. That clutch is phenomenal! I think it's ok to hold off until 2011 (even if it does seem forever away), if it means the perfect wedding, it will be worth it!

  3. love this bess! especially the clutch!! september is the perfect month to get married - although i'm biased ;)

  4. thanks ladies :)

    linda: i think the dress thing would be fun, although, like you, i would probably get mind made. know any good designers ;)


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