I saw these photos on one of my favourite photography blogs, Our Labor of Love. They do a lot of wedding photos and the shots are always amazing. They also have a Smilebooth feature where you can have photos taken with different backgrounds and props - these are the best photos of all though! The moments are priceless and if I ever suck it up and have a wedding, I'll definitely have a Smilebooth too.

Google recently had an Oktoberfest party in Atlanta and Our Labor of Love was there to set up this awesome Smilebooth. The backdrop and props are by Dolci Odille.

Our Labor of Love 5

Our Labor of Love 3

Our Labor of Love 2

Our Labor of Love 1
photos: Our Labor of Love

Don't forget English Muffin is having a mini-Oktoberfest of our own. Free upgrade to priority shipping when you purchase a 2010 Calendar during the month of Oktober!



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