Bento Boxes

A little while ago my good friend, the Guerrilla Gourmand, sent me a link from the New York Times on bento boxes. I meant to post it sooner, but you know how things get lost in internet-land. The images below are from Flickr member, bentomom. There were so many adorable photos to choose from - these are really just the tip of the iceberg. I even unwittingly stumbled into the land of "bento porn", seriously - it's out there.

Between the Lions

Me and My Mom

Two mommy hens and a baby

Vegetable Lasagna
photos: bentomom

How lucky are these kids? Their luches look delicious and so creative. If you'd like to do a little more reading on all things bento, then check out the blog, Just Bento.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Great, now I'm hungry.
    Thanks Bess, there goes my diet... jk.

  2. These are brilliant! I love your posts about fun food ;O)

  3. Hi Bess! It is weird, but i haven't received my poster order from Sept. 29. Do you know what happened?

  4. Dear Anonymous, please email me: bess [at] englishmuffinshop [dot] com

    thanks :)

  5. I love bento boxes! I'm glad they're getting more press lately. There was a small group of kids at the summer camp I worked at this past summer who always made a point of coming over to see what I'd packed for lunch :) My favorite bento site is http://lunchinabox.net


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