June Goals

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Isn't this really the goal?!

It's been just over a month since I wrote my May goals, so I guess I'd better take a peek and see if anything got accomplished this month...

May Goals:
  • add new designs to both my 123Printables and Prints sections of my Etsy shop.
I did this! I added new birthday invites to my 123Printables section, and a map of Canada to the Prints section.
  • develop a custom order for name designs listing on Etsy.
I was lazy and inserted "everything you see in the shop can be customized just for you" in my shop announcement instead.
  • more twittering, blogging and re-listing (Etsy) - keep up my internet presence.
Yep, I have more twitter followers and followees, blogging daily and am re-listing pretty regularly.
  • reach 100 sales on Etsy by May 31 (I'm currently at 89).
I'm up to 102, yay!!
  • improve packaging design, ie, pretty labels/stickers, personalized notes on English Muffin stationary.
Didn't do this, what can I say...
  • design and print business cards.
Nor did I do this.
  • submit my designs to my favourite kids blogs.
Oops, or this.
  • make contact (via newsletter) with customers who signed-up to the mailing list.
Wow, I seem to have totally neglected the bottom of my list. (didn't do this one either...)

All in all it was a pretty good month for English Muffin, the most exciting parts being:

- getting my first wholesale order!! and...
- the awesome press in LMNOP!!

Ok, here's the next list (somewhat shorter - I plan on having lots of picnics this month ;)

June Goals:

still must do...
  • design and print business cards.
  • submit my designs to my favourite kids blogs.
  • make contact (via newsletter) with customers who signed-up to the mailing list.
new and ambitious...
  • build light box and retake all product pix - acheive a consistent look
  • incorporate my design work (ie, websites, business cards, wedding invites, etc...) into my English Muffin website/brand
I think this is a pretty good start.
Wish me luck ;)


  1. Good luck with your June goals, and well done for getting so much ticked off in May! Glitterysah x

  2. Just dropping by from the Modish goals list. Building a lightbox sounds like fun!


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