In the Kitchen with Big Chuck

I love to eat but must admit that the one with the real culinary talent in our house is Big Chuck. He cooks dinner every night! Is there a luckier girl than I? Read on to get the low down on some of our favourite meals...

Happy Friday to all ye loyal blog readers!

Today we simply present some pics of evening meals that we enjoy. I always cook from "scratch" and try to keep it healthy, as well as enjoy (perhaps even need) to cook in a variety of styles.

We needed to adapt a little bit when we moved to Vienna from Toronto as our small kitchen was 0nly equipped with a small two element combo fridge/stove/sink unit. I have found that one of the larger counter top grills that are common here works quite well as a pizza oven.

pizza bianco - dough is a yeast-less 50/50 whole wheat and white mix. 500 ml of flower total makes 2 thincrust pizzas, definitely the way to go if using no yeast. Topped with sliced boiled potatoes, olives, artichokes, caramelized onions, mozzarella and herbs. Drizznizzel with olive oil. (Shouts out to Snoop Dogg for passing on this recipe)

My Version of a dish that always seems to end with a 9 at Vietnamese restaurants in Toronto where every dish has a number. Let's call it X9. Grilled pork or beef (my version) or peppers and kohlrabi (Bess's version) on top of vermicelli on top of a bed of salad (or try arugula). On top you pour Nuoc Cham, a simple mixture of fish sauce with sugar to which I add graded carrot and some lime juice.

Finally here is Bess's favorite, a big bowl of spaghetti with olive oil, garlic and lemon. Dressed with Italian parsley and some sun-dried tomatoes thrown in. I take the spaghetti out of the pot when it is still pretty firm and finish it in the pan with some chicken or veggie stock.

Hope you have time to cook a nice meal with someone special tonight,

(photos: Big Chuck)


  1. Those are just so yummy, all of them! I would love to try to do the Vietnamese one, but don't think I can find the ingredients in Greece :O(

  2. I didn't think we would be able to get the ingredients here either, but there are a couple of great little asian food shops that are supplied quite well.


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