A robot a day... well, you know the rest.

Silver Robot Pouch

A robot a day is the adorable art project of Anatomy of a Skirt designer, Erin Wilk.

These handy little robot pouches are great for storing "change, hair clips, Ipods, money, secrets, little things, maps to hidden treasure, a beer can, juice boxes, fruit snacks, square cookies, bits and bobs, ribbon, bits of string, a spare pair of socks, batteries, nuts, bolts, jewellery, hundred dollar bills, nickels, pennies, a very small diary, important things, origami paper, seeds, a pair of glasses, love notes, something you want hidden, something you want to remember, thread, scissors, make-up, tape."

Erin makes a robot everyday, Monday to Friday, in an effort to create her very own robot army, as well as make use of vinyl scraps from her purses, diverting them from the landfills. It was hard to choose which robots to feature here, so be sure to check out the oodles of robots on her website, robotaday.com.

Jaunty Sailor Bot
Oktoberfest Robot Pouch
Mummy Robot Pouch
Mermaid Robot Pouch

Beaver Robot Pouch

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