Open That Bottle Night

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Every last Saturday in February since 2000 is Open That Bottle Night. The inventors of this brilliant celebration are Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher, who write a weekly wine column in the Wall Street Journal called “Tastings”. The purpose is to get people to take that special bottle of wine and open it for enjoyment.

For the last year's celebration, they wrote an article that painstakingly described how to treat an old bottle of wine.

At the household of the Guerilla Gourmand, we may possibly be more (frequently) inventive than Dorothy and John. We try to find fun and legitimate excuses to try all our wines at any whim-of-an-excuse. We believe that the “Special Time” for that “Special Wine” is now.

Our motto is: Wine should be enjoyed. Personally, I would never consciously store wine to the point where dust would accumulate on it. But if you must be sentimental, go ahead and store it, preferably in a temperature-controlled environment. However, I ask that you make plans to consume it within the year, or at maximum, two years. That way, you get to look forward to it for when your milestone is met and thus mark something special with, well, something special!. And, the wine will actually still taste good, too!

- The Guerilla Gourmand

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  1. We're killing a bottle of wine right now as I type (to be stored for 5 years!). Perhaps I can convince Lokai to change his mind by telling him about your advice.


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