Afternoon Tea at Cha No Ma

On Saturday the weather was so nice (at least it started out sunny and warm) that we were compelled to leave the apartment and have a little adventure around Vienna. We started out at the library, our first time there, and, armed with a new library card checked out the audio/visual section, the English novels and perused the art and architecture books. We then headed over to a couple Asian markets to get our international cuisine fix and finally ended up at Cha No Ma, a Japanese tea shop that the Guerrilla Gourmand introduced us to. We sat by the window and sipped matcha lattes and ate daifuku (a sweet red bean treat) as we all contributed ideas to our ongoing essay on the differences between life in North America and Europe (aka pros of living abroad). Here are a few pictures I took with our new digital SLR camera, I think they turned out pretty good, non?!

Cha No Ma
Faulmanngasse 3, 1040 Vienna


  1. love your photos. they also have green tea ice cream as well as green tea smoothies, so when summer comes, we'll have to go back!

  2. ahhhhh when summer comes... I'm so there!


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