It's a dog's world

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Hello, and happy Friday! Big Chuck is lost in the land of tree rings so I though I'd take a link he sent me a while back and use it as inspiration for today's post. If you're curious which one is from him, it's the wire frame dog bed from Go!PetDesign. It's a good thing our little dog Tyke can't use my laptop or else he'd be really jealous right now ;)
Urban Driftwood dog bowl

Holden Double Bowl Feeder

Black eiCrate

eiCrate Fitted Cover

Reversible Hound Hoodie

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!


  1. i love the dog house! Maybe I should get one for Tyke when he visits?

  2. The only problem is that he may never leave again - he is a very stylish dog!


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