The List

Well I think I pretty much did all the things I wanted to in Toronto, plus some unplanned extras.

1. My wardrobe was generously replenished at Joe by my mom :) Yay, spring clothes and new jeans!

2. Brunch at the new AGO restaurant Frank was super fun. It took a few tries but in the end sitting at the bar was perfect and super cool! My personal favs, the goat's milk butter and chocolate espresso bread.

3. Sorry Maggies, next time...

4. Lunch at Pho Hung was great, and Big Chuck honed his food photography skills.

5. Hello Chinese New Year at T&T. What a party!

While making a visual essay of Toronto's residential architecture we stumbled upon the new Bookhou shop, so exciting! Unfortunately they were not open, but don't worry I'll be back in June!

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