Y is for Yay!

I know I technically should have done this on post #100, but it kinda slipped by without me noticing, oops! Anyway, I was thinking that the 102nd post is a bit of a landmark for the English Muffin Blog, something I started without really even knowing if I would like it or how long it would last. I'm happy to say it's still here and we've even got some "regular" contributors (Big Chuck and the Guerrila Gourmand).

It has also made me reflect on English Muffin as a whole and how far we've come in only a few short months. A little blog recognition, pretty respectable sales and so many warm wishes and lovely comments from buyers and onlookers. I really feel lucky :) Recently I've even been asked to create some prints and patterns for a N.Y based print company - how exciting is that?!

So, to conclude, I just wanted to take this 102nd post opportunity to say thank you to everyone who's been supporting English Muffin along the way. And although there is much doom and gloom forecast for the coming year, this is one girl who has a more sunny outlook for the months ahead.

xo bess


  1. thank you for putting in all the effort, I really enjoy dropping by and reading

  2. congrats! it's lovely to see how successfully you are growing your business! good luck!


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