Recipe cards

I was working on a little birthday surprise for a friend yesterday, you may know her, the Guerilla Gourmand?? Yes, it was her birthday yesterday and we celebrated with a little ice cream and walk by the river. I also gifted her my new recipe cards. Perfect for the international chef! I'm thinking of putting them in the English Muffin shop, what do ya think?

(designs by English Muffin)


  1. I love them, especially the Chinese one. I like Yakitory type face as well.

  2. By Chinese you meant Japanese, right?! Thanks for your nice comments :)

  3. actually, it's both! the symbol means "food" in both languages, and it also means "to eat" in japanese. wonderful work, bess! as the bday girl, and a wannabe gourmet chef, i will say that this was a perfect bday gift! so, thanks! :)


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