Cabin + Cub

(photos: Cabin + Cub)

Seeing these wonderful woodburnt prints from Cabin + Cub, reminded me of some woodburning that I did at an overnight camp I attended with my middle school class. Not to brag, but... my woodburning design was chosen to be featured in the big woodburning mural, the design to commemorate our grade 7 class trip. What can I say? I was honoured ;) Enough about me, though.

Cabin + Cub is the art and stationary company of Vancouver based designer and artist, Valerie Thai. In addition to her woodburnt prints and stationary, Valerie is a very talented graphic designer. You can see her portfolio here.

And... if you want a chance to win the Cute Little Bird, visit the Cabin + Cub blog, as it is this month's giveaway - good luck!!

Cute Little Bird

Personalized Cute Squirrel

Personalized Cute Owl

Cute Little Chipmunk

Cute Little Squirrel

To see more from Cabin + Cub, visit their Etsy shop.

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