Dream Life

(photos: NY Times)

This article popped up on twitter yesterday via @perfect_bound, and I immediately identified it as my dream life. A couple from New York bought this adorable fixer-upper cottage, a two hour drive from the apartment they rent in Brooklyn for $95,000. After investing time - every weekend from October to May, money - an additional $10,000 for renovations, and lots of do-it-yourself inspiration, they have this charming little cottage to call their own. Sigh.... And I haven't even told you the best part. The May deadline to finish work on the house was a strict one, as they were getting married in their backyard! So romantic...

Here are some pics from the New York Times article. Head on over to the site for the whole story, and more photos too.


  1. so charming, I would love to live in that house. I looove the kitchen! And the price! it seems crazy cheap!?

  2. thanks to you..., I am convinced I can turn my NYC suburban cottage into something as fantastic as this! Thanks!

    Found you via LaMarquise...

    Why can't i ever spell her lovely name out? Etsy. Cool Lady. One Eye.


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