We found a great new restaurant (new to us, at least) on Friday, May Day. We went for a walk around the first district and ended up at Pavillon in the Volksgarten. They have a huge patio tucked away in a corner of the park and super cute indoor section that we eventually migrated into once it started to rain.

Here are a couple pictures we took of our lunchtime adventure.

The food was really yummy. I had marinated veggies, olives, sheep's milk cheese and bread with a delicious new drink called Bionade. I've never had it before but it was soooo good. Kind of sweet but not... something about fermentation and organic ingredients too.

Great looking...ahem, bar.

They have music in the evenings.

And papers for the weekend.

Here's a peek at their patio. We'll have to go back again soon for their evening bbq.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. good pictures! I like the one esp. where the waiter is fuzzy walking by!


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