Clutch Me - I'm Canadian!

Blue and White Mod Quad

Today's featured Canadian designer is Kimberly Jones Designs from St. Lazare, Quebec. I found her great little shop on Etsy, where she's only been selling since March 2009 (bienvenue Kimberly!). Her clutches come in three different sizes and are made from great graphic prints with interior linings, as well as some formal clutches crafted from 100% silk. I've posted a couple of my favourites below.

Enchino Leopard

Beige Elephants on Grey with Ruffle and Chain

I love love love this Beige Elephants clutch! I never have a good purse to use when I have a special "dress up" event. This is mostly because I can't be bothered to buy a "lady purse" that totally wouldn't reflect my *cute* sense of style, and also because my mom and sister just have sooooo many at my disposal ;)

Be sure to check out the Kimberly Jones Designs website here.

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