New Year's Eve for the little ones

I made up some quick little stickers for Edwin and his friends to celebrate New Year's Eve. We'll be hosting a dinner for a couple families with small children and I though it might be fun for the kids to do some NYE arts and crafts. 

In addition to the stickers, I'll have some curly ribbon on hand, washi tape and lots of markers, crayons and stamps. The goal is to decorate little party hats, if I can organize myself in time. Hopefully they'll enjoy it and it will ease the staying-up-a-bit-later-than-normal hyperactivity. 

If you'd like to download the graphics, you can do so here

They are designed for Avery A4 Round Lablels, 60 mm (circle dimensions), of course you can print them on normal paper and cut them out too. 

Happy New Year!

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