Finland & France

Hello! (Yes, I still exist.) July was a busy month around here! We began the month traveling to Finland for 10 days of beautiful summer weather and delicious food, hot saunas, cool swims in the sea, and lots of love from my family. We traveled on busses, in planes, trains and cars and had a really great time. Edwin loved it, although travelling with a toddler is still always harder than I think it will be. Vacation to me still means time to relax and recharge, when will I get the memo? Vacations with toddlers are more work than being at home!! For us though, it was definitely worth it, Edwin had so many wonderful experiences and got to meet his Finnish family—what memories are made of. 

After our holiday in Finland we met our friends from Halifax and headed on a mini-road-trip to Burgundy. We rented a house with some other friends from Paris / Toronto and spent 3 beautiful days in the tiny (80-inhabitants-tiny) town of Essarois. The house was beautiful and old, the backyard large and green and the food delicious. We let the kids run wild, and caught up on each others' lives.

The following weekend we had friends from Montreal visit, and tried to host them as best we could in our new adopted city. It's funny to show people around a city you've only lived in for 4 months! 

Things have quieted down in terms of summer plans, but now the work deadlines loom their heads! Oh, and we still have no child-care! So if you find yourself wondering whatever happened to Bess and English Muffin, I'm still here, mostly likely just hanging out at the playground or out riding bikes. 

xo Bess

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